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Latest News & Alerts

June 2, 2021

Upcoming 2021 Summer Events

Canada West Mission is pleased to provide the following upcoming events:

  • A Taste of Hills of Peace "Let Peace Dwell Here" - July 11 to 15, 2021 with Janne Grover, David Barth and the North America Climate Justice Team
  • A Taste of Samish "Toward the Peaceful One" - July 29 to August 1, 2021 with Janne Grover, Sean Langdon and Vickie MacArthur
  • Hang Out - July 20, 27, August 3 and 10 - a casual weekly gathering for Junior High (grade 7 - 9) and Senior High (grade 10-12) youth.
  • Junior Camp "Discover Peace" - August 16-19 (for campers who have finished grade 2 through 5)
  • Mission Conference - September 9 - 12

There will be no registration fee charged for these events. Attendees are asked to make a donation to Hills of Peace Operating Fund or Samish Island Capital Development Donate Now.

February 26, 2021

Announcement re: In Person Programming

Canada West Mission Centre has made the decision to extend cancellation of in-person events through the end of August of 2021.

This decision means for the second year in a row Canada West Mission Centre will not offer in-person camps, retreats or Reunion/Family Camps at Samish Island and Hills of Peace. Official notice of this decision has been provided to both the Samish Island Campground Association Board and the Hills of Peace Campground Board.

It has also been determined Canada West Mission will not be supporting delegations of youth attending “Graceland Spectacular” (“SPEC”) this summer. As of this date we have not received any announcement if SPEC 2021 will take place.

The decision to cancel the programs through to the end of August leaves a “faint hope” opportunity we might still be able to hold an in-person Mission Conference on Labour Day weekend. Discussions are underway about the Hills of Peace Men’s Retreat in September which are leaning toward a “virtual” event. Watch for further information about these events over the next few months.

Plans for alternative ways to facilitate our retreats, camps, and reunions are ongoing and we are not able to make definite announcements at this time. Please watch for program announcements over the next few months in our on-line news and events columns on Canada West Mission website and on Reggie

In Person Programming Announcement