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January 6, 2023

2023 Canada West Gatherings


January 21   CWM Special Conference (delegates for World Conference)
January 21   Pastor’s Retreat 
March 4   Adult pre-baptismal  
March 11   Adult pre-confirmation 

​Various Different Locations

February 24-26   Nurturing Spirit Retreat @ Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre Cultus Lake, BC
April 21-29   World Conference @ Independence, Missouri, USA
September 22-24   Canada West Mission Conference - Online and In person

Hills of Peace Campground

June (date to be determined)   Work Week @ Hills of Peace 
June 23-25   Spiritual Retreat
August 5-10   Family Camp
August 12-18   Youth Camp
August 19-23   Kids Camp
September 15-17   Men’s Retreat

Samish Island Retreat Center

March 10-12   Men’s Retreat
March 30-April 3   Grief Retreat
April 21-23   Nurturing Justice Retreat
April 24-May 5   Work Week
June 2-4   Nature & Nurture Retreat
July 22-29   BC / Canada West Reunion
August 6-10   Camp Kimtah (Grades 10-12)
August 6-10   Camp Atsaken (Grades 7-9)
August 13-17   Camp Mungai (Grades 3-6)
August 19-24   Adult Reunion 
​October 27-29   Nurturing Silence Retreat

***Winter Youth Retreat normally offered in February will hopefully return in 2024
See more details here

July 1, 2022

2023 Registration Fees

Gatherings at Samish Island Retreat Center

March 10-12   Men’s Retreat   Fees TBD
March 30-April 3   Grief Retreat   Fees TBD
April 21-23   Nurturing Justice Retreat   Fees TBD
April 24-May 5   Work Week   Fees TBD
June 2-4   Nature & Nurture Retreat   Fees TBD
July 22-29   BC / Canada West Reunion   Fees TBD, info below is from last year:
  • $65-$75/adult rate per day (12 years and up)
  • $55/additional adult (beyond 2 in housing unit)
  • $20/child rate per day (5 years and under)
  • $45/youth rate per day (6-11 years) 
August 6-10   Camp Kimtah (Grades 10-12)   Fees TBD
August 6-10   Camp Atsaken (Grades 7-9)   Fees TBD
August 13-17   Camp Mungai (Grades 3-6)   Fees TBD
August 19-24   Adult Reunion   Fees TBD
​October 27-29   Nurturing Silence Retreat   Fees TBD

Gatherings at Hills of Peace Campground

June (date TBD)   Work Week @ Hills of Peace   Fees TBD
June 23-25   Spiritual Retreat   Fees TBD
August 5-10   Family Camp   Fees TBD, info below is from last year:
  • Adult (16 and over) - $60/night ($300 full camp)
  • Youth (12-15) - $44/night ($200 full camp)
  • Child (3-11) - $22/night ($110 full camp)
  • Under 2 - no charge
August 12-18   Youth Camp (Junior High & Senior High)   Fees TBD      
August 19-23   Kids Camp   Fees TBD
September 15-17   Men’s Retreat   Fees TBD

Gatherings at other locations

September 22-24   Canada West Mission Conference (online/in person)   Fees TBD

GST is included in registration fee.

Community of Christ Western Canada Mission Centre GST #129892659 RT0042

June 6, 2022


Canada West Mission is encouraging its congregations to provide financial support for those attendees where a registration fee may cause financial hardship. The Subsidy Request form is provided below for applicants to submit to their congregation directly.

Congregational Subsidy Request Application

Attendees who are not affiliated with a congregation should contact CWM ( for further direction.

May 9, 2022

2022 COVID Guidance for Camps & In Person Events

We know many have been eagerly anticipating the return of in-person camping for Canada West, and we are excited to share that, barring any dramatic changes in the state of Covid-19, we are moving forward with in-person camping this year.

In light of our enduring principles around the worth of all persons, unity in diversity, and personal responsibility, we are offering some guidance. We do this because of our gospel call to offer welcome to the least and most vulnerable among us.

First of all, our corporate responsibility as a mission centre is to always, at a minimum, follow local Covid guidelines for safe gatherings. Individual camp directors may decide that additional restrictions are necessary to keep campers safe, including things such as no in-out privileges during camp. At a minimum, directors will be responsible for ensuring camps follow all local guidelines for communicable illness, and to stay updated as those change.

Second, each of us has a personal responsibility to consider what we can do to protect one another. Personal responsibility can look like:


  • Updating your Covid-19 vaccination by receiving any boosters that are available.
  • Considering getting vaccinated if you have not yet done so, as it is the best way we know of to curb the spread of Covid-19.
  • If you aren’t vaccinated, getting tested for Covid-19 no more than two days prior to arriving at camp.
  • Not coming to camp if you are feeling even a little bit ill.
  • Isolating for 5 days prior to coming to camp, regardless of your vaccination status, to ensure you are not unduly exposing yourself and others to illness.
  • Wearing a mask while indoors to avoid spreading illness.
  • Ensuring good hygiene through:
    • regular hand washing
    • coughing or sneezing into an elbow or sleeve

Our guiding question for you is: How will you protect the precious neighbour that sits beside you at camp?

We also encourage everyone to respect one another’s choices in how they have responded to Covid. Regardless of our individual views on vaccinations or public health mandates, we come together as one community who find unity in diversity. Some people will feel more comfortable wearing a mask and keeping their distance, others will be ready to embrace everyone. Please respect the speed and space of each person’s engagement at camp.

We can’t wait to raise our voices to sing “We’re all together again, we’re here, we’re here” in the sacred spaces we find ourselves gathering in this summer, and to also sing the words together “We are one in the Spirit”.

Yours in Christ,

Gwyn Beer, Kat Goheen and Shannon McAdam

Mission Centre President Team

February 17, 2022

Missing Email Notifications

If you have registered for an event and have not received an email notification, log into your webmail and check your spam folder for an email from This seems to be an ongoing problem with SaskTel and Shaw. If the email notification has been flagged as spam, add to your trusted sender list.

February 17, 2022

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